Discover Alpago

Unspoiled nature and mountains, untouched by mass tourism, is the perfect destination for trekking and hiking in summer and ski mountaineering in winter.

Alpago offers a lot of possibilities to do sports and trekking in the wild. In recent years it hosted numerous national and international sports events: European MTB championships, Transcavallo, an international ski mountaineering race, eco-marathons, ultra trail runs, and more recently triathlon on the shores of Santa Croce Lake, an ideal destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.

Alpago is a land full of great products: Agnello dell’Alpago, Slow food presidium, the trout from Alpaos, a little village nested in the mountains, the “gialet” beans, saffron produced locally and wild berries. Local cheeses are very sought after for their quality. Winegrowing is now becoming popular on the lower slides of Alpago. A lot of small growers and farmers are rediscovering traditional products which are becoming popular again thanks to their quality.

Sport and nature

If you love sport and nature, Alpago will give you great emotions. Its microclimate, favoured by Santa Croce lake, makes it a perfect spot for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and fishing or just relaxing on the beach. There are plenty of trails and routes on the mountains around for both hiking and mountain biking. Mount Dolada, at 1500 metres high, is a unique point of view where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama and an ideal spot for paragliding.

A magical place

Alpago is a magical place where the sky is mirrored by the lake of Santa Croce, where you feel protected and surrounded by the mountains, the green pasture and the great forest of Cansiglio