120 years
of history

Our history began from far and it is a history of changes and evolutions. Locanda San Lorenzo opened its doors on 7th January 1900 when Osvaldo Dal Farra decided to run a bar in Puos d’Alpago.

After the war his son Ottavio and wife Noris took over the business: the “osteria” became a restaurant and hotel. The food is simple and genuine, real home food. The big change arrived in 1984 when their children Renzo, Osvaldo, and Sandra and Mara, Renzo’s wife, took over Locanda San Lorenzo. Their enthusiasm, visits to some of the best restaurants and wine cellars of the time drive them to turn around the family business.

The first accolades on the most important restaurant guides arrived in the 90s. In 1997 the restaurant won a Michelin Star.
The ability to renew their food, the continuous research is driven by curiosity and passion, led Locanda San Lorenzo to celebrate its 120th birthday in 2020. Today, the kitchen has 10 chefs, led by Damiano, Renzo’s son, who came back to the family business after a few stints in Italy and abroad, in Luxembourg and England.


On 7th January 1900, Osvaldo Dal Farra opened the “Osteria”, serving wine and spirits. It’s on the site of an old Post House and it was mainly used by workers from a nearby mill. It soon became a very popular spot in Puos d’Alpago.


In the 50s Ottavio, Osvaldo’s son, and his wife Noris came back from Belgium, where they moved soon after the end of the war. They took over the business and started to serve food. The service is basic and the food is simple and homemade.


It’s now time for the third generation, Renzo, Osvaldo e Sandra, to take over the family business. Renzo, having worked at La Frasca in Castorcaro and Il Bersagliere in Goito, dedicates himself to creating new dishes, with a particular attention to meats. Besides him, Osvaldo, the family intellectual, looks after pastry. In charge of the Front of the House team is their sister Sandra, who oversees the hotel too. Mara, Renzo’s wife, is in charge of the wine cellar.


At the end of a dinner, the artist Tobia Scarpa, sketches our logo to illustrate the story of the family and the restaurant. The grill and the shooting stars represent the martyrdom and the night of Saint Laurence, our namesake. The pan represents the family and the three stars that come out from there, the three brothers.


In the 90’s we won the first important accolades: Locanda San Lorenzo got mentioned in the most important food guides, and in 1997 we won a Michelin Star that we still retain today, confirming the choice of pursuing high quality food, combining tradition and new trends.


Locanda San Lorenzo celebrates its 120th birthday and gains a new vitality. In the years, the restaurant grew and became a stalwart among Veneto’s top restaurants. 10 chefs work in the kitchen today, lead by Damiano, Renzo’s son, who came back after working in Luxemburg and England. Over time, the family business has expanded and grown to become a solid reality.