Locanda San Lorenzo
Puos d'Alpago

The territory is the starting point of a creative research which embraces the best of the Italian and international ingredients, always keeping an eye on tradition.

Locanda is in the heart of Alpago, between Lake Santa- Croce and Cansiglio forest, halfway between Venice and Cortina. Born as a village “Osteria” in 1900, it became a landmark for gourmets, having won a Michelin star more than 20 years ago and retaining it still today.

Our kitchen has its roots in our culinary traditions, revisited in a more modern and contemporary way. This balance between past and present, terroir and innovation, let us rediscover the true taste of our culinary tradition, alongside new and surprising pairings.
At Locanda San Lorenzo, the research for quality is shown by the hospitality, which creates a good mix between formality and a familiar atmosphere.

Our history

For four generations, the Dal Farra family has been tied to the growth of Locanda San Lorenzo.
120 years of history and good food, the constant strive for quality and the best of hospitality.